The Rotary Fork

Benefits Of The Rotary Fork

Why Use Rotary Fork?

  • Faster and easier - use less straw!
  • Straw is flatter - water nipples are same height for every bird!

Rotary Fork vs. Hand Spreading

  • Use less straw, chicks do not get lost in the straw
  • Paper under feeders holds feed better, chick carts roll on straw.

Rotary Fork vs. Blowing

  • Save diesel and wear on your tractors
  • Load straw in the barns on a nice day, no working in the rain/snow.

The Rotary Fork does not chop the straw but simply levels it out.
For best results, use finely chopped or processed straw bales.
The Rotary Fork will spread any straw, including ground or full length.

The Rotary Fork will fit on any blade and
works great in one, two or three storey barns.

Concept proven! Machine shown has 1.8 million square feet spread, although still fully functional, now occupies the Rotary Fork Hall of Fame.

Designed and built in Stratford, Ontario by a broiler producer.

Tractor with rotary fork attached.

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