Bedding Management
for Poultry Barns

Innovative Design

The Rotary Fork is designed and built in Stratford, Ontario by a broiler producer, ensuring that it meets the needs of those in the industry. Its innovative design allows for faster and easier levelling of bedding, saving you time and money. With the Rotary Fork, you can use less bedding and achieve a flatter surface, ensuring that water nipples are at the same height for every bird.

Efficient and Effective

The Rotary Fork is more efficient than hand spreading or blowing, saving you time, diesel, and wear on your tractors. Its effectiveness has been proven by broiler producers, who have seen the benefits of using the Rotary Fork in their barn operations. With the Rotary Fork, you can achieve the perfect level of bedding in three simple steps, making it the ideal solution for starting chicks.

Choose the Right Size for Your Needs

The Rotary Fork is available in two sizes to fit your needs. Whether you have a one, two, or three-story barn, the Rotary Fork is available in many popular attachment configurations. Choose the right size for your needs and see how the Rotary Fork can revolutionize your barn operations.